Rose Filice – Rainbow

My earliest interests were crayons and paper and coloring books and paint and paste and scissors….   My parents couldn’t keep me supplied! I started art lessons in middle school, focused on art through high school and graduated with a degree in art as well as a minor in psychology. It is a part of me. A long life has always its ups and..downs. I have experience with both and a great empathy for those who suffer a malady that no one can actually “see”.

This poem, by Gaby Compres, a twenty something poet from Santo Domingo was shared on Facebook and touched my heart as great counsel to those, especially the young, who just can’t see HOW life works just quite yet. It inspired my vision in the graphics for the light bulb project. “There are stars you haven’t seen and loves you haven’t loved and sunrises yet to dawn.There are dreams you haven’t dreamt and days you haven’t lived and nights you won’t forget and flowers yet to grow and there is more to you that you have yet to know.”

This would be my message because, in the perspective of age, I know it to be true! Life is an adventure.